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Hair Extensions

At Boutique De Cheveux you can wave goodbye to bad hair days and hello to your dream hair!

Using our premium weft hair extensions, we can transform fine, short or damaged hair and make your hair dreams a reality.We all want that’ WOW’ factor. Let’s get yours.

We are one of few salons that source and import our own hair. This means we 100% stand by our quality.

About Wefts

Weft extensions are the safest and most effective way of adding volume and length to your natural hair.
Our weft extensions look and feel natural, are made of 100% human hair, are double drawn to create thickness.

Unlike other forms of hair extensions, wefts will keep the hair from tangling, Saving you hours of time when styling and combing.

We colour match the beads to your root colour to ensure a seamless blend whilst securing the the wefts to your hair.
The beads are lined with silicone, made to protect both your hair and the extensions in place.

Caring for your Wefts

Caring for your hair should be one of the most important considerations in your decision to get hair extensions.


Brushing your extensions is as important as brushing your teeth everyday! Use a soft bristle brush to detangle without tugging at the hair. Ensure to separate your hair between the wefts and brush each section thoroughly. Brush your wefts at least twice a day.

When washing your hair, use a wide tooth comb to comb through your hair when you have your conditioner/hair mask in.

No nasties

Use a sulphate free, salon quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair in the best condition possible! Also add a treatment into your routine every 1-2 washes, we favour the Davines NOU NOU Range and OI range. You can purchase all Davines products in store.


After washing, use a heat protectant and a leave in conditioner through your mid-lengths and ends. This will help protect your extensions from damage from the UV rays, hairdryers/hot styling tools, and keep your hair looking and feeling amazing!

Put hair oil through mid-lengths and ends every night to keep the wefts hydrated.

Always make sure you dry your wefts completely before going to bed and tie them in a low pony or plait to avoid tangling and tugging.

Tie up wefts when fake tanning to avoid staining.


You must get your wefts refitted every 6 – 8 weeks to ensure your hair stays in the best condition possible

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