Colour brand of choice


At Boutique De Cheveux we choose to use a Clean Alternative Colour ensuring the health and safety of our clients and ourselves.

ZenzTherapy provides us with quality colour results while leaving out what we believe to be the most controversial ingredients used in hair colour. ZenzTherapy is an Ammonia, Ppd and Resorcinol free colour, that uses naturally derived ingredients such as jojoba oil, hydrolysed oat and vitamin C. It is known for having amazing antioxidant and moisturising properties and also has a high iodine content that helps to protect the hair and scalp.

Haircare products

Sustainable Beauty

At Davines we believe that living a balance of beauty and sustainability, what we call ‘sustainable beauty’ can improve our lives and works around us.


Hair glory is within your reach

Introducing evo fab pro…… the unique customised colour maintenance system that gives you the power to perfectly match and maintain any hair colour in between salon visits


A breakthrough in biosciences

The first product to utilize biomimetics to reconnect keratin chains once broken by bleach, color, and chemical services, resulting in soft, smooth, strong hair with bounce that feels like new.